Ankur Chauhan


I am a software developer with an interest in web scale distributed systems. I enjoy experimenting with new things to expand my knowledge and I believe that creating things which are perfect in every little detail and hence change the course of mankind.


Computer Science, M.S.
Fall 2008 - Spring 2010
University of Southern California, Los Angeles

Computer Science and Engineering, B.E.
Fall 2004 - Summer 2010
R.V. College of Engineering, Bangalore (India)


I have been involved in the end to end SDLC for multiple web scale products which were built with the ideas of High availability, fault tolerance and high performance from the ground up. All of these services (detailed below) are currently in production and serve tens of thousands of users every day and are capable of performing hundreds of operations per second.

These services range from user facing REST APIs (with Javascript/HTML5 UI) to complex backend services and caching systems in a Service oriented architecture built for multi-geography fault tolerant cloud environments.

Technologies & Languages

JAVA, Groovy, Ruby, OSGI, C++ (Object Oriented), Assembly (x86), LAMP, Python, MSDOS and Bash Shell Scripting, HTML5, CSS, AJAX, Javascript, Powerloom, Prometheus, Sparql, RDF, Semantic web, MySQL, Oracle 10g, MongoDB, Schema matching, Record linkage techniques, MVC and Agile software development.



Brightcove R&D, Seattle, WA [Jan 2013 to Present]

Sr. Software Engineer, Reporting and analytics

Currently involved as one of the primary engineers in a team of 8 that is involved in the design and development of systems and infrastructure for doing realtime analytics and predictions for very large scale streams of video engagement data.

Brightcove Inc, Seattle, WA [June 2010 to Jan 2013]

Software Engineer, Ingestion and custom workflows

Currently working on a end-to-end cloud based service which allows users to specify complex work flows for video content using a JSON based DSL.

Software Engineer, Distribution and Syndication

I am a part of a team that manages the distribution and syndication product from brightcove. This project deals with the problem of enabling customers to be able to keep all their videos in sync on different 3rd party endpoints (such as youtube, google video sitemaps, FTP, etc).

Deployment automation and management system

Software Engineer, Read/Write Scalability

I worked on the Read/Write scalability team as an engineer working on the caching layer, Mountain View, CA [September 2010 to Present]

Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder

I take all technology decision and drive the design and development of the product from an engineering standpoint. The product is a simple sticker that a user can put on their device. This sticker has a unique ID, in case of a lost device, the finder can enter this number on the website and get a reward for returning it to the owner. * Design, development and maintenance of the webapp. * Requirement elicitation from business partners and establising the technology vision of the product. * Development of an enterprise solution for centralized management of assets. * Featured in many media articles, blogs (such as gizmodo) and soon to be implemented with Logitech Ultimate Ears.

USCLab, University of Southern California, Los Angeles [July 2009 to May 2010]

Graduate Assistant

Worked as a network administrator and student developer with the radio-oceanography lab.

Linda Frost Design, Los Angeles, CA [Spring 2009 to Spring 2010]

Web developer

Yahoo! Research and Development, Bangalore (India) [Spring 2008]


Academic Projects

RAYS - Server infrastructure for live video content [January 2010 to May 2010]

University of Southern California

Operating Systems Development on NACHOS [August 2009 to December 2009]

University of Southern California

Candidate ranking based on citation analysis and content relevance [January 2009 to May 2009]

University of Southern California

RoboRescue Simulation Project [January 2009 to May 2009]

University of Southern California

YASM – x86 Assembler for Linux [August 2008 to December 2008]

R.V. College of Engineering, Bangalore